Jon Dorenbos got all ass-slappy for Ellen at the Super Bowl


Jon Dorenbos got all ass-slappy for Ellen at the Super Bowl

Many people were surprised to see Jon Dorenbos on the field after the New England Patriots pulled off the magical comeback victory over the Atlanta Falcons. What was the Eagles' long snapper doing at the Super Bowl?

Obviously not playing.

It turns out his amazing run on America's Got Talent and his budding friendship with Ellen DeGeneres is paying off for Dorenbos' post-football career as an entertainer.

Dorenbos teamed up with the Ellen show's executive producer for some ass-slapping shenanigans down in Houston. Plenty of celebs like Mark Wahlberg played along.

You can watch some of it below.

Two Eagles favorites to announce draft picks on Day 2

Two Eagles favorites to announce draft picks on Day 2

Live draft coverage begins Thursday at 5 p.m. with Philly Sports Talk and continues until midnight on CSN, and the NBC Sports App.

The Eagles will have two fan favorites announcing a couple of their picks Friday at the draft from the Ben Franklin Parkway.

Former quarterback Ron Jaworski will announce the Eagles' second-round pick. And long snapper Jon Dorenbos will announce the team's third-round pick. Dorenbos was selected because he was the Eagles' nominee for the Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year award. 

If anyone can turn a third-round pick into a first, it's gotta be Dorenbos, right? 

On Thursday, when commissioner Roger Goodell announces the Eagles' pick, he'll be joined by players from Martin Luther King High School in Philadelphia. 

Accompanying Jaws on stage Friday will be the wife and son of U.S. Army 1st Lt. Demetrius Frison, who lost his life in combat in Afghanistan in 2011. Frison was a Philadelphia native and an Eagles fan. 

Accompanying Dorenbos on stage will be the Central Bucks West High School football team. They will be there to honor legendary high school football coach Mike Pettine Sr., who died in February. 

On the third day of the draft, a couple of celebrity super fans will get to announce picks. Actor Morris Chestnut and CNBC's Jim Cramer will do the honors. 

Freddie Mitchell was not happy being listed among worst Eagles draft picks

Freddie Mitchell was not happy being listed among worst Eagles draft picks

If you're not keeping up with the current whereabouts of the former People's Champ, Freddie Mitchell seems to spend quite a bit of his post-playing days responding to people on Instagram.

Today was one of those days.

You see, our pal Reuben Frank penned a piece today looking at the best and worst of the Eagles' drafts by position over the years and FredEx's name popped up as one of the worst receiver picks in recent years. Nelson Aghalor got lucky.

Here's what Roob wrote about bad WR picks:

Worst: Freddie Mitchell, 1st round, 2001
Now, this is a tough call. Mike Bellamy was a second-round pick in 1990 and never caught a pass. Kenny Jackson was the fourth pick overall in 1984 and averaged 15 catches per season as a pro. Nelson Agholor has been a massive disappointment. There was Reggie Brown in the second round in 2005, third-round failures Josh Huff, Chris T. Jones and Billy McMullen. Plenty of guys to choose from. But it has to be Freddie Mitchell, mainly because of who the Eagles bypassed to take him. On the board when the Eagles picked at No. 25 in 2001: Reggie Wayne, Steve Smith, Chad Johnson, T.J. Houshmandzadeh and Chris Chambers, for starters. Those five combined for 4,034 catches, 55,020 yards, 336 touchdown catches and 19 Pro Bowls. Freddie? He finished with 90 catches, 1,263 yards and five TDs.

Freddie found the post on social media and voiced his displeasure. 

"I mean, why would they post such a negative question on here?," Freddie wrote, finding a question somewhere where there didn't seem to be one. "That's the problem, negative energy only brings negative things to the city. You change the way you think and be positive you make Philadelphia great again. All the players busted their asses to make the Eagles great."

So if I'm following, the negative energy among the media in Philly is making the Eagles bad.

Got it.