The new Tupac vs. Biggie? Ice Cube chimes in on Joel Embiid vs. LaVar Ball feud

The new Tupac vs. Biggie? Ice Cube chimes in on Joel Embiid vs. LaVar Ball feud

There was Tupac vs. Biggie in the 1990s. West Coast vs. East Coast.

Jay-Z vs. Nas in the early 2000s. And 50 Cent vs. Ja Rule in the 2000s.

We can table Meek vs. Drake for another day. This is meant for the big boys.

Over the last few weeks, we've seen another feud begin the brew. Yes, we're talking Joel Embiid vs. LaVar Ball.

"I think it's great," rapper/actor/BIG3 co-owner Ice Cube told CSNPhilly's Danny Pommells on Saturday.

With the BIG3 coming to Philadelphia on Sunday, Ice Cube on Saturday chimed in on the hottest feud in the game right now.

His conclusion?

"It'll give us something to watch both of these teams for because both of them have been lousy for a minute. Give us something to watch for," Ice Cube said. "A little trash talking — that's allowed in the BIG3. We don't mind that."

We can trace the Embiid-Ball feud back to the NBA draft.

LaVar had a generous prediction June 22 that his son, Lonzo Ball, would lead the Los Angeles Lakers to the playoffs in his rookie season. That led to Sixers point guard/forward Ben Simmons tweeting "crazy pills" and Embiid quote-tweeting his teammate with: "Please dunk on him so hard that his daddy runs on the court to save him."

Then, of course, there were the July 4 verbal fireworks Embiid directed at LaVar on Instagram Live. That led to LaVar firing back, saying Embiid only has "got three words because his vocabulary is limited." And just this past Thursday, Embiid sure didn't sound like he has any regrets about what he said about LaVar on July 4 despite it costing him $10,000.

The Embiid vs. LaVarr feud doesn't look like it's going away anytime soon, which is fine.

It only adds intrigue to when the Sixers and Lakers play this season. The schedule doesn't come out until August, but we all know which games we'll be circling.

Perhaps someday we can get a Joel Embiid vs. LaVar Ball rap battle. That would probably be fun.

Giants WR Brandon Marshall allegedly spit on Eagles fan

USA Today Images

Giants WR Brandon Marshall allegedly spit on Eagles fan

Odell Beckham pretended to urinate on the Eagles’ home field, but it was Giants wide receiver Brandon Marshall who may have crossed the line with his use of bodily fluids on Sunday.

Video shows the unidentified Eagles fan accuse Marshall of spitting on him amid a heated verbal exchange during pregame warmups. It’s unclear what compelled a six-time Pro Bowl selection to have words with some guy wearing a Randall Cunningham throwback jersey, but if Marshall did spit, it was after he was repeatedly challenged to a fight.

There is no visual confirmation as to whether Marshall spit on the man, either, as the footage appears to be shot on the first smart phone ever made. Marshall’s head does make a forward motion as if he were spitting. Then again, some people just have trouble controlling their saliva when they’re yelling, too, leaving open the small-percentage chance this was accidental spittle.

You be the judge.

Spit or not spit, it will be interesting to see if the Eagles and Lincoln Financial Field rethink their policy on allowing fans on the field before certain games after this little – ahem – spat.

(h/t Sporting News)

The 4 best non-Joe Buck calls of Jake Elliott's walk-off field goal

USA Today Images

The 4 best non-Joe Buck calls of Jake Elliott's walk-off field goal

Sometimes the internet is a wonderful place.

Since basically, no one wants to listen to Joe Buck call a thrilling Eagles 61-yard game-winning field goal, we scoured the web to find four other amazing versions of Sunday’s sensational ending to the Eagles' 27-24 victory over the New York Giants.

1. Merrill Reese and Mike Quick on 94.1 WIP
The legendary voice of the Eagles since 1977, Reese, along with former Eagle Mike Quick, delivers a call that will shoot shivers up your spine.

2. Spanish Broadcaster Ricky Ricardo
A longtime voice of the Phillies and now the Spanish voice of the New York Yankees, Ricardo delivers with this enthusiastic call.

3. Celine-a-Scene
A phenomenon that has taken over the web, adding inspirational music from Titanic makes everything just a little bit better.

4. *Record Scratch* *Freeze Frame*
A staple movie cliché from the '80s and '90s, the record scratch, freeze frame plays itself perfectly in this moment.