No winners or losers in Terrell Owens-Donovan McNabb debate

No winners or losers in Terrell Owens-Donovan McNabb debate

No matter your opinion on Terrell Owens being left out of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, we can agree he’s done nothing to help his own cause. Going on television wearing a counterfeit gold jacket with his accomplishments printed on the back makes a mockery of everybody involved, and his incessant whining won’t garner sympathy from members of the selection committee, either.

At least the Hall of Fame is a battle he can theoretically win. Given enough time, Owens should get in – that is, if he ever gives it a rest, and probably even if he doesn’t. Where Owens will never be able to claim a victory is his feud with Donovan McNabb and the Eagles, no matter how much of the public is on the wide receiver’s side.

Owens spent over seven minutes regurgitating his side of the McNabb-Eagles soap opera in his latest tell-all with busybodies Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe on Wednesday. This past January, it was 97.5 The Fanatic promoting more of the same sob stories we’ve been hearing since 2005. Nothing changes. Owens is justified in all of his reactions and behaviors, and he’s all too eager to explain why.

For the record, I’ve always maintained he was wrong about his contract dispute with the Eagles. Owens complained he was underpaid in ’05 and the club could get out of the deal the following year. The contract did pay a low base salary for that season, but made him among the highest-paid receivers in the NFL over the first two years on average, and there was no reason for the Eagles not to honor it as long as he was performing and focused. Maybe Owens feared frequent tiffs with McNabb would be reason enough for the front office to cut bait. Then again, maybe Owens could have simply bit his tongue, too.

But, in all honesty, who really cares who was right or wrong at this point? That was 12 years ago. Whatever Owens’ issues – business with the Eagles, personal with McNabb – nothing is gained by debating them any further. If you disagree with my assessment of the situation, fine. There are far more relevant topics to debate.

Yet, Owens is always going be on the losing end of any argument he finds himself because of his inability to be the bigger man. He may have overmatched defensive backs in the NFL and muscled his way out of Philadelphia back in the day, but in 2017, Owens comes off small when talking about the past.

Want to impress Hall of Fame voters? Try this gimmick on for size: Instead of seizing every opportunity to air dirty laundry with McNabb or the Eagles, simply say that chapter is closed and you wish everything would have turned out different. It’s not an admission guilt of wrongdoing, or even burying the hatchet, but it’s not pointing the finger and making excuses, either.

Until Owens learns to do that, he will lose every fight he’s in until the end of time.

Which is not to say McNabb or the Eagles won with Owens. Nobody did. Not the quarterback, not the team, not the head coach, not the front office, not the franchise, not the fans. Nobody. Had McNabb been able to make nice with Owens for a few years longer, he would’ve posted numbers that make him a lock for the Hall as well. If the Eagles had only found a way to placate Owens, they may have won a Super Bowl or two.

Instead, everybody came away scarred and with nothing to show from the debacle. That’s true no matter whose “side” you take, which is why Owens needs to stop trying to play defense.

Every time Owens attempts to delegitimize the Hall and the people involved with the process, he puts himself further away from Canton. Every time he makes an excuse for what transpired with McNabb and the Eagles, it accomplishes nothing – only to serve as a reminder of what could have been, as well as an example of why Owens finds himself in this predicament in the first place.

New at CBP: Primo Hoagies, loaded boardwalk fries, Star Trek bobbleheads and more

New at CBP: Primo Hoagies, loaded boardwalk fries, Star Trek bobbleheads and more

Spring is right around the corner so hopefully you've been training all winter for your summer stomach because there are a plethora of tasty new food options at Citizens Bank Park this season.

The Phillies unveiled a number of the new items at an event at the ballpark this evening and we highlighted some of the best new additions.

New Food Options

The first one that jumps out is a new hoagie offering from the very reliable Primo Hoagies, which will be located in Ashburn Alley. Primo Hoagies will offer a variety of hot and cold sandwiches on their fresh baked breads.

While Chickie's and Pete's crab fries are often the most coveted item at Philly sporting events, it will have some competition in the French fry department this season. South Philly Shareable Stak will be located behind section 120 and offer boardwalk style fries with the option of topping them with in-house roast pork, sharp provolone cheese sauce, cherry pepper aioli or chopped roasted long hots.

One of the more interesting additions is The Mac Shack behind section 122, which will offer house-made mac and cheese with a number of different toppings. Pretty much everyone loves some mac and cheese but I'm curious to see how that translates to a ballpark snack.

Veggie lovers will surely be excited to try the Farmer’s Market Grain Bowl that features toasted red quinoa, brown rice, sweet peppers, cucumbers, radish, baby herbs, and is finished with honey-balsamic vinaigrette. Also new this year is a Falafel Sandwich.

There will also be some new kiosks at Zoom Foods behind section 126, which is described as "the next step in the evolution of stadium food & beverage service, featuring customer-facing, self-ordering kiosks -- improving guest experience and speed of transaction time."

Other existing vendors with new offerings include pulled chicken option from Bull's BBQ, new signature Hatfield hot dogs including pork roll as a dog topper, as well as new options at Harry the K's.

New Fashion and Fun

Kids attending games at Citizens Bank Park will surely love the new Galapagos Gang bobbleheads, which includes the Phanatic and his favorite friends. 

An interesting new attire option is dubbed SustainU Ware, which is made in America from recycled products. 

Active Phillies fans will be able to purchase a Phillies-branded activity tracker from Nuband.

Even your pet can be happy eating at CBP this season with Team Treatz SportsSnack. It's exactly like it sounds: Phillies-branded doggy baseball biscuits.

Students and alums from Temple, Drexel, Saint Joseph's, Villanova, La Salle and the University of Pennsylvania will be excited to see New Era hats that combine their school loyalty with their Phillies fandom on hats in their school colors but also featuring the Phillies' 'P'.

New Theme Nights

There are three notable theme night additions that fans can get excited about.

Game of Thrones Night at Citizens Bank Park will take place on July 3 when House Phillies of Philadelphia will take on House Pirates of Pittsburgh. The first 2,000 fans who purchase a ticket through the special promo will receive a special Game of Thrones item.

"You're a Good Man Charlie Brown" 50th Anniversary Night on July 5 where the first 2,000 fans to purchase a ticket through the special promo will receive a Charlie Brown bobblehead wearing Phillies gear.

Star Trek Night: The Next Generation 30th Anniversary Night on Sept. 26 when the first 3,000 fans to purchase a ticket through the special promo will receive a Captain Picard bobblehead. 

John Kruk pranked Chase Utley after his first career hit

John Kruk pranked Chase Utley after his first career hit

Philly Mag has a quick hitting Q&A with new Phillies broadcaster and all-around funny dude John Kruk. The man enjoys mayo on his cheesesteaks, has a swearing problem, and really loves his golf clubs.

Those are just a couple of things you can learn about Kruk from the piece, but the one about the time he pranked Chase Utley is worth sharing.

The best prank I ever pulled ... was on Chase Utley. His first hit in the big leagues was a grand slam for the Phillies. It was his first day. We set this thing up where we called him into Larry Bowa’s office and said, "Your papers weren't submitted in time. You were an illegal player. It doesn't count." He screamed, "Eff all of you!" and walked out.

Chase may have been pretty but he wasn't dumb. It counted.

Look forward to catching more Kruk tales all season long on CSNPhilly's telecast of Phillies games.

You can enjoy Utley's first hit, sans prank, called by the great Harry Kalas below. After Kruk's story resurfaced today, CSNPhilly went and unearthed video of the prank which you can watch above. It's a bit slow until the end but they payoff is worth it.