Someone created Joel Embiid in WWE 2K17 and it's amazing

Someone created Joel Embiid in WWE 2K17 and it's amazing

Can you smell what Joel Embiid is cookin'?

The rookie sensation is on a streak of six straight games of 20-plus points and his legion of fans is sweeping arenas across the nation with the “Trust the Process” chant.

What are you going to do when Embiidmania runs wild on you? Create a WWE entrance for him on your video game.

One person took to WWE 2K17, made an Embiid entrance and the results are simply amazing. Because he’s Embiid and he’s awesome.

We’re thinking Embiid would make a tremendous wrestler and he has already shown his prowess on social media as well as on the microphone. He already has his own slogan, and the TTP is the perfect name for his finishing move, which could begin with a Dream Shake.

The one drawback would be if Embiid still has a minute restriction and gets selected to compete in the Royal Rumble. Would be a shame to see him dominate the competition only to be taken out before the chance at a title shot at WrestleMania.

Let’s hope that Embiid becomes the best there is, the best there was and the best there will ever be.

Trust the … lego? Reddit user reveals Lego version of Joel Embiid

Trust the … lego? Reddit user reveals Lego version of Joel Embiid

He calls himself "The Process."

He is a main piece of The Process.

And now there's a Lego version of The Process' poster child.

Yes -- thanks to Redditor user dweg1999 -- we have a picture of what Joel Embiid would look like if, yes, he was built of Legos.

After sitting out his first two years in the NBA because of injuries, Embiid burst onto the scene and became an instant star for the Sixers. A piece they can build around both on the court and off it. He's charismatic who knows how to use social media.

Embiid is a special blend of greatness on the court and marketable off it. If he can stay healthy -- his season was cut short because of another one and he will be limited again in 2017-18 -- the Sixers have their guy to build around. Add in a Ben Simmons, a more experienced Dario Saric, potentially two more lottery picks -- at least one more -- and next season will be a whole lot of fun.

But for now, as we wait for the May 16 draft lottery, we are stuck checking out Lego versions of Joel Embiid. If only we were that good with Legos ourselves.

Christian McCaffrey reportedly outscores Dalvin Cook on Wonderlic

Christian McCaffrey reportedly outscores Dalvin Cook on Wonderlic

The Wonderlic scores for two running backs who have been linked to the Eagles have surfaced. 

Per Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Christian McCaffrey scored a 21 out of 50, and Dalvin Cook scored an 11.

The top score in McGinn’s report was held by Tennessee's Alvin Kamara, who notched a 24. Oklahoma’s Joe Mixon scored a 12 and LSU’s Leonard Fournette shared a score of 11 with Cook.

The average score for a running back, according to renowned football writer Paul Zimmerman, is 16.

The Wonderlic test, a 50-question multiple choice test that measures cognitive ability and problem solving, is given to NFL prospects every year at the combine. Of course, the score doesn't measure how successful a player is on the field. Per Jeff Reynolds of CBS Sports, Jets' QB Ryan Fitzpatrick scored a 48, which is higher than Tom Brady (33), Aaron Rodgers (35) and Hall of Famer Dan Marino (15).

Per Sports Illustrated, Pro Bowler Frank Gore and Adrian Pederson had scores of six and 16, respectively. 

Test scores aside, you’ll have to tune in Thursday at 8 p.m. to see if the Eagles will even draft a running back at 14 overall. Or head down to Philadelphia and see it in person (parking is free).