Stephen A. Smith: Bulls pursued No. 3 pick from Sixers for Jimmy Butler

Stephen A. Smith: Bulls pursued No. 3 pick from Sixers for Jimmy Butler

The Sixers' offseason won't come to an end with a trade for Markelle Fultz. After Thursday's NBA draft, the team will have plenty of cap space to acquire players this offseason, both on the free-agent market and via trade.

With that in mind, here's a roundup of some rumors around the NBA that could involve the Sixers:

Stephen A. Smith: Bulls wanted No. 3 pick from Sixers for Jimmy Butler
On ESPN's First Take this morning, Stephen A. Smith said that the Chicago Bulls were talking with the Sixers earlier this offseason. He said the Bulls were looking to acquire the No. 3 pick while making star small forward Jimmy Butler available. 

However, according to Smith, the Sixers didn't feel that Butler fit with the timeline of their young core, which isn't ready to compete right away. Obviously, a trade up to No. 1 to acquire Fultz likely ends any potential trade talks involving Butler to the Sixers for now.

Smith went on to say that the Celtics are now pursuing Butler alongside a free agency push for Utah Jazz forward Gordon Hayward. Adding the two versatile wings would keep the Celtics a top contender to unseat the Cavaliers as Eastern Conference champions in the short term.

Rumor: Sixers could get involved in Paul George-Kevin Love talks
Pacers star Paul George has reportedly told his team he will not re-sign in Indiana after the 2017-18 season. Therefore, the Pacers have reportedly spoken with teams about trading George, including rumored talks with the Cavaliers that could involve Kevin Love. 

Joe Kotoch tweeted from @Probballdraft that he heard the Sixers could be a "possible landing spot" for Love if Pacers-Cavs talk go well and a third team is needed to jump in. 

He added that he heard the Sixers wanted to add shooters and a veteran to their core and "were willing to trade for it". 

Love averaged 19.0 points and 11.1 rebounds for the Cavs in 2016-17 while helping the team reach the NBA Finals. However, some view George as an upgrade over Love for the Cavaliers in their efforts to beat the Warriors in 2017-18.

Love's fit with the Sixers or the accuracy of this rumor are another question, but he would add a veteran presence and a strong three-point shot (37.3 percent from deep last year).

Andre Iguodala to consider leaving the Warriors
The former Sixers forward won his second NBA title this year with the Warriors. However, The Vertical's Shams Charania reported that the 13-year NBA veteran will strongly consider leaving the 2017 NBA champions in free agency.

This offseason is likely the last chance for the 33-year-old forward to earn a large contract on the open market and Charania reported there's a belief a wing like Iguodala could earn as much as $20 million per season on the open market. 

Charania linked Iguodala to multiple teams but not the Sixers. The veteran very well may return to Golden State, yet his free agency is still worth monitoring.

Philly fan takes one last jab at his beloved Eagles' futility in his obituary

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Philly fan takes one last jab at his beloved Eagles' futility in his obituary

Jeffrey Clayton Riegel was a wonderful husband, uncle, brother, and son. He was also a Philadelphia Eagles fan with a pretty good sense of humor.

At least according to his obituary.

Mr. Riegel died on Aug. 18, 2017, at 56 but it appears he had enough time to have some fun on his way out.

His obituary reads relatively standard on the Wimberg Funeral Home website, naming all of the family he leaves behind as well as mentioning some of his favorite greetings for different people and some of his nicknames — some people called him "Toad."

But it's this part that will have Jeffrey smiling in the great beyond:

God gave Jeffrey the miracle of time to prepare which allowed him to verbalize his last wishes. He requested to have 8 Philadelphia Eagles as pall bearers so the Eagles can let him down one last time.

Touche, Mr. Riegel, touche.

Say hello to Reggie, Jerome, and Buddy for us. Maybe they haven't heard a boo in a while, who knows.

Lane Johnson on The Players' Tribune: Don't mess with Eagles fans

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Lane Johnson on The Players' Tribune: Don't mess with Eagles fans

We're two weeks out from the Eagles' season opener at Washington.

Fantasy football is back. Sunday afternoons will be fun again. All (not really) will be well in the world again. And count Eagles offensive tackle Lane Johnson as excited as we all are.

Johnson on Wednesday penned an article on The Players' Tribune that touches on everything from his 10-game suspension last season for performance-enhancing drugs to the Dallas Cowboys to Washington, which has beaten the Eagles five straight times — the Birds' longest losing streak to the Washington football team since a six-game streak 1981-84 (h/t to CSNPhilly's resident stat guy Reuben Frank).

We have gathered our favorite tidbits from Johnson's piece below:

On his 10-game suspension and the aftermath:
"That experience of being on the sidelines — and the humiliation of being asked about it on a daily basis (and I’m still hearing about it from fans on Twitter) — hasn’t been for nothing. It forced me to reevaluate not just my suspension, but also how I carried myself in general. At times in my career I’ve lost focus. Well, I’m done with that.

In other words, this situation has lit a fire under my ass."

On the season opener in Washington
"Let me tell you what’s going to happen in a couple of weeks: This team is going to go down to D.C. and whup some ass against the Redskins. We’re going to surprise some people."

On Cowboys fans in Philly
"I realized that if you want to be a Cowboys fan, that that’s something between you and your maker. But never be a Cowboys fan dumb enough to mouth off at an Eagles tailgate in Philly."

On what he wants from Eagles fans 
"Come out to the games, drink some beers and raise some hell. Make this a place where our team loves to play and everybody else hates — especially Cowboys fans."

To read Johnson's full piece, click here. It's quite entertaining.