'Trust the process' chants for Joel Embiid take over Boston

'Trust the process' chants for Joel Embiid take over Boston

You don't have to be in the Philadelphia area to trust the process.

As the Sixers used a 39-point second quarter to take a double-digit lead over the Celtics, Joel Embiid dominated Boston on both ends of the court. He limited the C's in the post while scoring left and right, particularly forcing his way to the free throw line against smaller Celtics defenders.

And when Embiid made it to the line, the chants came out (see the video above).

Fans at the Sixers-Celtics clash on Friday night serenaded Embiid with "trust the process" chants when he went to the free throw line during that second quarter. The Boston fans tried to boo and drown out the chants, but they continued to come back with Embiid's trip to the line.

"Joel’s getting worldwide," Nerlens Noel said of the chants. "He needs a tour now. I think he’s getting on another level. I think he’s very loved everywhere, really. As we go along, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear it in multiple places."

On his last free throws of the quarter with 16.5 seconds left, calls of "trust the process" rained down on Embiid, who nodded his head to what was certainly music to his ears.

"They were actually really loud," Embiid said. "It's impressive. We're in Boston, it's supposed to our rival, and for the fans to come out and just chant trust the process so loud, it was amazing."

Check out the video above for highlights of the "trust the process" chants taking over the TD Garden. 

Oh, and check out this dunk. Sheesh.

Clay Buchholz was introduced to his wife by Donald Trump, is big fan of 45

Clay Buchholz was introduced to his wife by Donald Trump, is big fan of 45

Philadelphia Phillies fans likely don't know a ton about one of the team's most recent pitching acquisitions, former Red Sox right-hander Clay Buccholz, but it turns out he has a unique connection to the 45th President of the United States of America.

It was Donald Trump who first introduced him to his now wife, Lindsay Clubine, at an after party of a UFC fight following a game out in California back in the late aughts.

The Boston Globe wrote about the encounter early last year.

“It was ‘Affliction: Banned’ fighting, and [Trump] owned the whole circuit," Buchholz told the Globe. "My wife knew him prior, from ‘Deal or No Deal’ when he came on the show as a celebrity banker."

“She was helping him host this event in Anaheim. So when we all walked in, he was there, and he saw us and he introduced Lindsey to me.”

Trump, of course, also has ties to a more formative New England athlete in Tom Brady who allegedly called Donald on Thursday to congratulate him on his coming inauguration. 

As for Buchholz opinion on Trump? He was a big supporter during the campaign and is a fan of the former " The Apprentice" host.

“He says what a lot of people think and don’t say,” Buchholz told the Globe. “I like that part of him."

Phillies fans tend to say what they think, so he'll probably be a fan of them as well, right?

Here are some shots of the couple from their social media accounts:

Chip Kelly still jobless after swinging and missing with Jaguars

Chip Kelly still jobless after swinging and missing with Jaguars

Chip Kelly's job search continues.

The beloved (sarcasm) former Eagles head coach reportedly interviewed for the Jaguars' offensive coordinator opening. However, on Wednesday night, Jacksonville announced it was retaining Nathaniel Hackett as its OC.

“We are excited to announce Nathaniel Hackett as our offensive coordinator and he will immediately be tasked with installing and implementing our offense this offseason,” Jaguars new head coach Doug Marrone said in a statement from the team. “I have had the pleasure of working with Nathaniel for seven consecutive seasons and know firsthand how knowledgeable and passionate he is about winning.”

So, Kelly swung and miss twice on the Jaguars, as he reportedly interviewed for Jacksonville's head coaching job, as well.

"I’m not going to close the door on any opportunity, but I have to be very smart in what I do next,” Kelly said, via CSNBayArea.com, two days after his firing as 49ers head coach. “I don’t have to take anything, but I wouldn’t rule anything out. I need to make sure that I’m in the right situation.

“I don’t know what the future holds. I’ll do my due diligence. I’m not going to coach just to coach.”

Kelly's decline is staggering, even if you saw it coming.

Look at this NFL coaching history ...

With Eagles in 2013: 10-6, wild-card playoff berth
With Eagles in 2014: 10-6, missed playoffs
With Eagles in 2015: 6-9, fired before final regular-season game
With 49ers in 2016: 2-14, fired after regular season

Who knows what's next for the Chipper?