Watch: Malcolm Jenkins' ride along with the Philly Police Department

Watch: Malcolm Jenkins' ride along with the Philly Police Department

Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins made news last season for his protests during the National Anthem in a show of solidarity with San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. They were just two NFL players among many trying to stand up for social injustice in African American communities.

But those who follow the Eagles closely know that Jenkins is about more than simply protesting. He wants to be active in finding a solution to many of the problems facing our communities today.

At the Super Bowl he was presented the Byron "Whizzer" White award for his charitable efforts. And today, thanks to a feature done by Vice Sports, we got a look at a ride along Jenkins did in North Philadelphia with members of the Philly Police Department.

He also sat down with Police Commissioner Richard Ross and active members of local community organizations to try and find common ground.

"I think both sides are frustrated," Jenkins said. "The minute that we can both take ownership in the situation. Both be honest about our own feelings, our own shortcomings, our own victories, that's when we can get through stuff."

"You can be pro-police and pro-justice at the same time. You can stand for people that are being wronged without disrespecting police officers or without disrespecting law enforcement."

Local law enforcement knows there is work to be done on their side as well.

"We want our communities to respect us but we have to do the same for them," Commissioner Ross said. 

You can watch the whole 12-minute segment below.

Watch: Adult Philly fan cheats against kids at NFL Draft Experience

Watch: Adult Philly fan cheats against kids at NFL Draft Experience

I wrote an in-depth review of the NFL Draft Experience that's taking over the Parkway yesterday afternoon. It really is fun for all fans.

In it, I briefly mentioned participating in the 40-yard dash event and perhaps taking a bit of a false start against some innocent 8-year-old kids. Now there's video to prove how awful I am. You can watch that above.

Thanks to The700Level Show host Marc Farzetta, we ran through a couple of the events and they happen to have documented my atrocity against the youth of today.

I'm sorry. 


Catch The700Level Show in full on Thursday on The Comcast Network at 5:30 and 10:30. There will be plenty more from the big draft weekend.

The Phillie Phanatic got an awful makeover

The Phillie Phanatic got an awful makeover

The 2017 Philadelphia Phillies look quite a bit different than the team that trotted out on the field last season.

One constant, however, is the Phillie Phanatic who brings his A-game every single year for most of our lives.

His consistency is remarkable.

Until now!

In a new promo video, the Phanatic attempts to get a makeover at the hands of shortstop and stylish dude Freddy Galvis.

The only problem is: if you're going to give the Phanatic dreadlocks -- and really, this sounds like a great idea to me -- you have to give him GREEN dreadlocks.

You'll notice they give him a 'fro at the end which is greeted with approval and it matches.