Those Tricky Chicago Writers

Those Tricky Chicago Writers

First, they give the Rexy haters some hope:

Yes, there is a good chance Donovan McNabb will be coming to Chicago in 2008.

Then he shoots them back down to their Kyle Orton reality:

The good son will want to visit his mother and father in Dolton. He may
even want to take in a Cubs game, as he did in Phoenix earlier this
month when he attended Game 2 of the National League Division Series.
And the Bears play host to one team from the NFC East in '08, possibly
the Eagles.

But it is unlikely McNabb will be returning to his hometown next season as the quarterback of the Bears.

Or is Brian Griese their QB? I can't keep track.

>>McNabb homecoming doesn't Bear up [Chicago Tribune]

Mike Trout joins push in trying to lure LeBron James to Sixers

Mike Trout joins push in trying to lure LeBron James to Sixers

LeBron James to the Sixers. It would take a miracle, right?

Sure, but one MVP is in on the push for the four-time MVP landing in Philly.

Enter Mike Trout.

The Angels' star outfielder, a two-time AL MVP and native of Millville, New Jersey, took to Twitter on Thursday to make a quick pitch for the King. Trout, a well-known fan of Philadelphia sports teams, responded to a 94WIP tweet about reporter Howard Eskin shooting down the LeBron James chatter.

First, it was Ben Simmons tweeting James. That's really how all the buzz started and now the idea is taking on a mind of its own. Clearly, it's being talked about. And what Sixers fan wouldn't want a player like James putting "The Process" into hyperdrive?

And hey, once James comes to Philly, he can then return the favor: bringing Trout to the Phillies.

We can dream, right?