the 700 level - eagles


Not sure exactly why the NFL social media account decided to post this clip of Chip Kelly mic'd up from the Tampa Bay game over the long Thanksgiving weekend, but we're just happy it provided us w


Couple of questions here. Why not just wait until the Eagles next home game? Why waste your Thanksgiving to boo Chip Kelly? Why spend all of that money on gas and tolls?


I don't know about you, but I'm pretty stoked to finally get a chance to see the latest installment in the Rocky franchise, "Creed." which hits theatres this weekend.


Philadelphia can be a great place when you’re winning, but as soon as the losses start to mount, things can turn ugly quick – especially when it comes to the Eagles.


Care for a pint and some American football in London? The NFL just may have an overseas road trip for Eagles fans in 2016.