Allen Iverson


The Sixers are on a six-game losing streak that began Jan. 17 with a 96-81 loss to tonight's foe, the Detroit Pistons.


You ask any Sixers fan what their favorite memories are from Philadelphia's magical run to the NBA Finals back in the early 2000s and you're sure to hear Allen Iverson stepping over Los Angeles La


The best thing about this t-shirt is that you can give it to your cousin Anthony as a gift on Christmas Eve and then make him put it on, pray that it snows, and then throw snowballs at him and kil


The Sixers might be the NBA's tallest team, but to Allen Iverson, they're his "lil homies."


It’s Friday, so let’s do something fun, something different. I know, who’s up for a game of Hangman? Great.