Chase Utley


At the start of spring training last season, Chase Utley said: "Age is a number -- it depends on how you treat your body and how you take care of it."


With the re-signing of Carlos Ruiz, the Phillies appear to have their starting lineup in place for 2014.


Where would you guess the Phillies ranked in 2013 on a list of the most player days spent on the disabled list? Top three? Top five? Top 10?


ORLANDO, Fla. -- Marlon Byrd served a 50-game suspension for testing positive for using a performance-enhancing drug in 2012. If he gets nailed again, he will sit out for 100 games.


It was not a coincidence that Cody Asche ended up with a locker right next to Chase Utley in the Phillies’ clubhouse when he came to the majors in July.