Joel Embiid


This week on The700Level Show, ESPN's Kevin Neghandi joins John Gonzalez to discuss LeSean McCoy's possible involvement in a brawl Super Bowl night, the futures of Nerlens Noel, Joel Embiid, and J


Just over a month after being named chairman of basketball operations for the Sixers, Jerry Colangelo believes the team is on a


As Brett Brown addressed the media following Sixers practice on Tuesday, shot after shot fell in the background.


Drenched in sweat while donning an all-gray outfit and high top blue and white shoes, Joel Embiid was enjoying every minute of his workout during


With the Sixers being the Sixers and generally not giving us much of anything to get excited about on the hardwood, we're left to look at Instagram photos of a ripped Joel Embiid and wonder, hope,