Reuben Frank


I have no clue what Chip Kelly is doing. I have no idea what Chip Kelly is thinking. I have no clue what Chip Kelly is planning.

Nobody does. Including, quite possibly, Chip Kelly.


Ron Jaworski, Joel Embiid, Steve Miller, Leonard Renfro, T.O., Chase Utley and who knows what the heck else will pop up in today's 25 Random Points.

So you better start reading!


Cedric Thornton, who began his career as an undrafted member of the Eagles’ practice squad in 2011, on Monday signed his one-yea


The Eagles will open Chip Kelly’s third preseason the weekend of Aug. 13-17 against the Colts at the Linc.


Legendary Leo Carlin, the Eagles' last remaining link to its last championship season, will retire at the end of