Eager Wants to Join Suspension Club, Huge Night From Lupul, Umberger

Eager Wants to Join Suspension Club, Huge Night From Lupul, Umberger
February 11, 2007, 4:26 pm
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The Flyers got out to a quick start, with Captain Jason Smith taking on Greg Malone 20 seconds into the game, followed by two early goals by Joffrey Lupul getting the momentum going. After five straight home losses, the Flyers were out to set the tone before the Penguins got their socks wet. The Pens jumped back in though, tying it up quickly, but the Flyers have answered with four five six more goals. Lupul has a hat trick and three assists, a huge six-point night. Gotta love seeing wheelbarrows on the ice.

Lupul's 3rd goal came on a power-play after Ben Eager drew a penalty from Georges Laraque, who retaliated against Eager, who came in with a dirty elbow to the bruiser's head. The refs missed Eager's elbow, but Gary Roberts didn't,  challenging Eager to some fisticuffs and basically handing him his ass (Don't mess with an old man, Ben). The League probably won't miss it either, and Eager may have earned his jacket tonight. He may not be alone though--the Pens broke a few rules taking runs at Marty Biron as well.

The Flyers are up 7-2, and the roughness continues. I love this sport.

Update: R.J. Umberger nets the Flyers' second hat trick of the game! Who still has hats left? He also had two helpers, making it 11 points between Lupul and Umby. This game's had more fights than in-broadcast mentions of Dennis Miller's latest horribly unwatchable venture into sports. OK, not that many, but a lot. This was one of the best:

Extras! Highlights after the jump. Wish they had all the scrums, but it was a great night for goal scoring too. We did our best to link the beatings above...  Penguins fans react at Pensblog. Play-by-play with Primanti Bros. flavoring and some fun with PhotoShop. I must say, nice work by Pensblog. The Elmo picture sold me... Pens coach Michel Therrien accuses John Stevens of taking a page out of Bill Belichick's run-up-the-score playbook. So that's where Crosbaby learned to whine... The final penalty tally here...

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