The700Level Gift Guide: Pay Their Union Dues

The700Level Gift Guide: Pay Their Union Dues
February 20, 2009, 8:26 am
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Here's a gift option that could really help you if you're in a bind with limited time left before Christmas. If there's a soccer fan on the bigger-ticket section of your list, or you want to get a family-style gift for your kids, why not a set of season tickets for the Philadelphia Union in their inaugural season? Tickets in the supporters section are only $275 apiece, covering 15 regular season games and two others, and monthly payment plans are available. The season ticket holder will also have access to founding member benefits and events. More information on the Union tickets can be found here. 

If that's too much money, but you like the idea of something related to the Union, remember that their jerseys are on sale now. The authentics run $109, but replicas can be picked up for $70, and youth replicas are $50. You could also go with a Union hat for $20 or a variety of lower-priced options. That gear and much more can be picked up here

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